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Family tickets are available and all children under 12 must be accompanied by one playing adult. Bents Garden and Home, Warrington Road, Glazebury, Warrington, WA3 5NT. As well as the permanent exhibits, there are two shows coming to Manchester in 2017 which are a must for any dino fan - Jurassic Kingdom at Philips Park in Clayton and Dinosaurs In The Wild which comes to Event City in September. Jurassic Kingdom The show is coming to Manchester this summer, bringing more than 30 animatronic spitting and snarling life-size dinosaurs to Philips Park in Clayton. Aimed at family audiences, visitors will be able to see everything from a Triceratops hiding among the trees to Pterosaurs flying overhead with ear-piercing screeches. You can also expect to see snarling jaws, moving eyes, swaying tails and roaring sound effects. Read More Tickets for Manchester's Jurassic Kingdom dinosaur show go on sale with earlybird discount Visitors will follow a trail around the site and encounter the giant dinosaurs as part of the walking tour which lasts around 60 minutes depending on how fast you walk or run. The event was expected to run from July 15 to 23, but organisers have extended the show to run for an extra week, from July 8. An early bird 20 per cent discount offer will run from now until Sunday, June 11 with the discount code is MAN20 .

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